It is always nice to reach the end of a project. Seeing the culmination of hours worth of work gathered before one’s eyes is very satisfying.

There is something about designing for print: knowing each page that one crafts on screen will eventually live in its organic form – bound-up and gathered, in print: posterity personified.

Those first touches across the freshly printed cover, to the alluring ‘book smell’ of the newly authored, are almost a sensual affair. Sentimental as it may seem, it’s hard to imagine a time, with the satiation we experience in these initial moments, that our love affair with pulp could ever possibly end.

A place we love

Even more satisfying when this work is about a place we love – it’s inevitably more personal. We just finished working on this super little book for Clifden. We were selected to design the book to commemorate the town’s 200th birthday, and what an honour it was.

‘Clifden: A Reflection on 200 Years’ celebrates Clifden’s 200 year past and features a fascinating mix of articles on a wide range of topics of both local and international importance, along with some early period photos of the town. It also features a programme of events that are taking place throughout the year. It is an ideal souvenir for those who will attend the Clifden 200 Festival in May, for those who will take part in the celebrations throughout 2012, but also for anyone who feels connected to the town.

Working with the Clifden 200 team was a great experience for us, as was collaborating with their writers and volunteers. The book will be launched next May.

Take a look online here.