Less than a month ago we launched a new e-commerce site for celticimpressions.com. The site, which is run by jeweller Jonty Daly, is going from strength to strength since it was launched on time for the Christmas market back at the beginning of December 2012.

Jonty approached us in early October to design the site, and presented us with his ambitious plans. Fiachra and I got to work and laid down the framework for the site within a few days.

314002_425823864126149_1299341798_nJonty is a very energetic guy. He pushed us hard to get exactly what he wanted. He’s really energetic in fact. When he’s not beavering away creating amazing designs in his workshop, you’ll find him out on his bike, jogging, swimming and god knows what else! He trains hard to compete in triathlons, iron-man competitions (why not Iron Man lookalike competitions, really! Less tiring and he has the material too!) and all sort of adventure races. Jonty’s energy is infectious. We really enjoyed working with him and love the fact that his jewellery business is a family-run business that his whole family are involved in.

Jonty is a great example of how a very short tourism season and local market can be turned into an international phenomenon. With proper vision and marketing, small bricks and mortar businesses like Jonty’s can thrive, even in the midst of a global recession.

We wish Jonty very well, and you should really checkout the online shop here, or call in for a visit if you find yourself in Clifden in the west of Ireland – there you can watch him work, which a lot of visitors enjoy doing!