We’re delighted for our good friend Anthony Previté that his book A Guide to Connemara’s Early Christian Sites has won a Galway County Heritage Award yesterday. We were so delighted to work with him on this book, and we’re looking forward to working on his next one!

More about our work on that here.

Judges Comments

Anthony Previte’s recently published book A Guide to Connemara’s Early Christian Sites is an attractive user-friendly guide, beautifully illustrated with photographs and maps. The text is short, informative and to the point. The maps and illustrations make it easier to locate these remote religious sites. This publication is the first guide to the early Christian sites off the Connemara coast. It makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of these sites and brings their coast and history to a wide audience.

About the Book

The book is a survey of 25 early Christian sites of Connemara and is an invaluable guide to students, visitors and residents alike. Together with comments on the structural remains and the saints connected with them are also maps showing their locations and how to find them. These unique, isolated and often dramatic settings are highly significant aspects of our national archaeological heritage and a testimony to the skills and hardiness of the early ascetics who settled on the rugged and beautiful islands and coastline of Connemara, well over a thousand years ago.

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