FQC Media and the Big Features Partnership

Big Features is a UK company whose managing director, Robert Butcher, is the creative director for the FQC Media and Big Features partnership. Robert has a reputation as one of the top corporate film makers in the UK. He has specialized in corporate branding, advertising and special events. Greg Hobden, their Senior Producer has over 20 years’ experience in the film business, producing commercials, corporate films and music videos in countries all over the world.

They are probably Europe’s most experienced creative agency when it comes to harnessing the communications power of World Expos and have been repeatedly engaged by the government of the UAE to help create their award-winning pavilions in Zaragoza (2008), Shanghai (2010), Yeosu (2012) and, currently, Milan (2015).

They were recently involved in the successful bid to host the World Expo in Dubai 2020.