Clifden Arts Festival

Clifden Community Arts Festival is Ireland’s oldest arts festival. Having worked with the festival for the past 14 years, we have designed and developed a considerable amount of projects for the festival.

An example of our work has been;

  • Festival Logo
  • Festival Poster
  • Festival Programme – Online and Print
  • Newspaper Advertisements
  • Launch Invitations
  • Postcards
  • Newsletter and Email Database Management
  • Social Networking Management
  • Responsive Website
  • Online Ticketing Systems
  • Tech Support and Box Office Assistance

At the very heart of the festival is the programme. Each year we work alongside festival director Brendan Flynn to establish the creative approach for the current festival. When establishing the visual presence of the festival, we try to consider all elements that make up the festival; the community coming together to celebrate the arts, the performers and artists – local as well as visiting from all around the world – and the arts themselves.

Once we have established this awareness, we move into the production phase, liaising with illustrators, artists, printers, festival committee members, volunteers and of course, the festival director. We carry this visual theme right across the medium that represent the festival, which bears fruit to the festival poster, the programme, the website and all the other collateral. We’ve had the pleasure of working with acclaimed illustrators Joe Boske, Jimmy Lawlor and Mark Joyce.

We thoroughly enjoy the process of working on the Clifden Community Arts Festival’s image. Not only are we participating in an exciting project, we are contributing to the community by bringing the wealth and richness of the arts to a rural setting. Of course none of this would be possible if it were not for the vision of the festival’s director and founding father Brendan Flynn, who has worked tirelessly for more than three decades in order to keep the arts close to the heart of Clifden.


Project Testimonial

The success of the Clifden Arts Festival is due in no small way to the success of our fantastic programme and website that has been designed and developed for the past 14 years by Noel Mannion and his team. It has captured the imagination of so many people, particularly other festival directors who are very impressed by our website and programme and the impact it has made on the minds and imagination of people. This is what you need in design—instant impression. It’s like meeting a person for the first time who shakes you firmly by the hand and looks you straight in the eyes and gives you confidence. That is Noel and his team; no false promises, always a pleasure to work with, always patient with a vision and a creative mind to give every project their best. Noel is very gifted and we wish him and his team continued success.

Brendan Flynn, Festival Director.