Clifden 2012 Celebrations

Clifden is a beautiful seaside town in Connemara, a region which is located along Ireland’s west coast. On the 25th of May 2012, Clifden celebrated its 200th birthday. The Clifden 2012 committee were responsible for planning this year-long celebration and approached us in 2010 to design a festival logo to embody the celebration and the town’s past. The Clifden 2012 logo would be used on everything from signage and marketing collateral to advertisements and apparel.


Our brief was to design a logo to incorporate the rich history of the town, yet keeping it simple, iconic and instantly recognizable as the festival’s brand. In our approach to the design we used the two spires of the Catholic and Protestant churches, that dominate the town’s horizon, to symbolize the town, along with swathes of green and blue to represent Clifden’s relationship with the Atlantic ocean and its natural setting. The horse in the logo is a reference to the internationally famous Connemara Pony breed, and the tree is there to represent growth. Clifden, despite being 200 years old, is one of the youngest towns in Ireland. We finished by adding the symbols of fireworks, to emphasise that this indeed is a celebration!