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Music for TV

Original Music: Parkinson Research Fundraiser

This piece was composed and produced voluntarily for this good cause. The concept of the ‘bobble-head’ in this commercial already carried great visual strength, but also conveyed all the fragility that comes with the illness, the music also had to be created with great simplicity. Sensitive musicianship was put to good use here, the result, a melody which is as strong as it is frugal.

Montreal Neurological Institute Award-winning Commercial to encourage donations for research. The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital is an academic medical centre dedicated to neuroscience research, training and clinical care. The institute is part of McGill University and the hospital is one of the six teaching hospitals of the McGill University Health Centre. They occupy separate sections of the same buildings on McGill’s downtown Montreal campus next to Molson Stadium. The institute and hospital are locally known as “The Neuro.”