Funding Presentation Booklet

We were approached by the committee involved in putting a funding bid together for an interpretive space on the location of the ruined Marconi Station in Galway, Western Ireland. This was a crucial bid document which needed to make the case for funding for such a historically important landmark site in the history of communication technology. We worked very closely with committee members to collate and advise on the document’s content and creative direction. The end result was a beautifully crafted document and which was then presented to an executive board that oversaw funding for projects of this type. The committee secured over €1 millon euro in funding with the help of the document, securing the future of the site and making it into a first class detination for visitors and people interested in learning about the orgin of modern day communications.

Client Testimonial

A Book for a Million Euros

It happens occasionally that an organisation comes across a situation where momentous events hinge on critical interventions. Clifden Chamber of Commerce was recently in this situation. For many years people had spoken about resurrecting the iconic Marconi Wireless Station which had lain desolate outside the town since it was set ablaze by Republican forces in 1922. Up to that point it had been the major wireless station in Europe, an icon of the birth of the technological era in the early years of the 20th Century.

Suddenly the success of a major new tourist initiative by the Irish tourism agency , the hugely successful “Wild Atlantic Way”, called out for iconic visitor attractions along the route. Failte Ireland were seeking ideas. The Marconi Station site was a significant candidate for consideration along the route. The Chamber needed a professionally produced publication to attract the interest of the Board to the value of the site, without being excessively fussy or long winded.

The Chamber turned to Noel Mannion who is well known for the quality of his graphic design work which he has produced for many companies in the area. Over a hectic 2-week period, the 28-page book was assembled with the help of local historians, with the minimum amount of fuss and total absence of stress or panic from Noel and his team. The outcome was fantastic and has been hugely admired by all who have seen it.

Happily the result has surpassed all hopes. Failté Ireland granted the maximum amount of funding requested, €990,000.

Thanks to Noel and his team for the Million Euro book!

Shane Joyce – Marconi Project Coordinator.