United Arab Emirates DVD-ROM Digi-Book

We were approached by Trident Media to design an exciting interactive e-book on the United Arab Emirates who were publishing the title on behalf of its National Media Council. This was the first time that the yearbook was published exclusively online, as in previous years it was published in printed form. Our role was to design the overall look and feel of the e-book, as well as the UI (user interface) interactive elements of the e-book.

In addition to including elements of audio and film within the yearbook, it was also designed to take full advantage of the dedicated UAE yearbook website, which features all the past yearbooks for the past ten years. You can visit the site here: uaeyearbook.com and its supporting news website here: uaeinteract.com

The United Arab Emirates Interactive E-Yearbook 2010 can be viewed online here.

The E-Yearbook was subsequently translated into 7 languages. We worked closely alongside the project managers and directors of the project to bring it all together.