In late 2011 Big Features, an independent film production company based in London, in conjunction with FQC Media, a media company based out of Dubai Media City, approached us to design a graphical user interface for their DVD and their SONY DVD packaging showcasing their work on the United Arab Emirates EXPO 2012, that took place in Yeosu, South-Korea for their client National Media Council of the United Arab Emirates.

The Turtle, winner of the Golden Dolphin Award at Cannes.

Creative Approach

After a round of discussions with the film’s creative director and producers, we decided we should use the main subject of the film The Turtle, the critically endangered hawksbill turtle, to be the centerpiece to the DVD menus and packaging. The final montage was built using many different photographs that were supplied to us by the client. The main challenge was to create something quite simple from something quite complex. We captured the essence of the film by showing an underwater scene – which we built from scratch, as well as the boat, the mangroves and the flamencos in the background – we created a scene which represented the rich maritime heritage of the UAE as well as its unique marine environment.

The DVD, to be given away for free when EXPO at the UAE pavilion in Yeosu, showcases the UAE’s environmental efforts in marine life through educational short films and through its main feature, the short film ‘The Turtle’ which won the top award of its class at the Cannes Corporate Media and TV Festival—the Gold Dolphin Award at Cannes Gold Winner of in Cannes for Environmental issues and concerns. The film also won Best High-Definition Movie 2012 at awards ceremony organised by BroadcastPro Middle East in conjunction with ASBU (a reputed and innovative non-profit broadcast organisation in the pan Arab world and an IBC award winner). It also won the award of the Distinguished Character of the 9th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) and numerous other awards.

UAE EXPO 2012: Report

To coincide with their UAE EXPO 2012 pavillion, Big Feature and FQC Media asked us to design a hardback book to serve as a report to the work and preparation that went into UAE EXPO 2012 at Yeosu, South-Korea. We were ideally placed as we had already established the creative direction on previous work we had done for the UAE EXPO 2012, hence the cover on this book featured the main subject of the film The Turtle.