Original Music

Van Houtte

Original music for Television

Here, we needed to create a nostalgic yet light and delightful music with the colours of former days, more specifically the 1900s. The orchestration is warm, with a simple harmony to support the image. Silence was used for punctuation, but also humour.

Van Houtte Inc. is a company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada that processes, distributes and sells coffee and related products. French-born Albert-Louis Van Houtte (1877–1944) emigrated to Canada in 1912. After the First World War made his attempt at a horse importing business unsustainable, he turned to food retailing. He opened a grocery store in 1919 to sell specialty items, but soon found particular success with gourmet coffee roasting. Today, Van Houtte has grown into an international supplier of coffee, coffee machines and related support for over 60,000 offices and other places of employment in the United States and Canada.