CPBS Web App

The client, for whom we had previously developed a website needed a web app so that regular users of their site could have easy and quick access to the essential elements of their website on their smartphones. The project used a design with small mobile devices at the core, completely removed from the design of the original desktop website.

Our Role
We created a web app which allows users to download the package as an app to their device (fully supported on IOS devices). When they visit the website on their browser, the browser will detect if they are using a suitable device and offer to download save to web-app to their home screen with an App icon – just like any other app! The content displayed (whether save is chosen or not) is populated from the website but is fully optimized for viewing on mobile devices with intuitive layout and navigation.

Swipe and touch response control
Only includes essential elements to optimize speed
Minimalist style for easy navigation
Video and Audio support
Save to the home-screen of your device feature (supported on IOS)
Uses existing web content, preventing the need for double content management