What's On ® Guide

For the past 10 years we have designed the tourism guide What’s On Connemara. As well as designing the brand name What’s On, we also design the guide each year, fortnightly from May to October.

The guide is designed as an orientation tool for visitors to Connemara, a beautiful destination in the west of Ireland, where thousands of visitors descend upon every year.

The layout of the guide has to be informative, colourful and lots of information has to be packed into the 16 pages, making it a real challenge with copy fitting. We meet this challenge again and again and have made many happy visitors of the crowds that arrive each year.

The cover is the most important design aspect, we need to showcase the natural beauty, and in doing this we rid the cover of unnecessary advertising, to give a more simple, non-commercial feel.

In 2013 we upgraded the look of the guide, with a more modern and minimal approach. While the old design looked well, we felt that the volume of information packed throughout the pages made the guide feel cramped, and therefore we took the decision to make use of more white space where possible.