After months of development, we’re proud to release this iPad app for one of the most important tourism destinations in Ireland, Connemara. This is the first app of its kind for Connemara, and the app is simply called ‘Connemara’. We are happy to make it available to download for free on the App Store.

The idea behind the app is to provide visitors with an interactive and engaging experience that will allow them to get a feeling for the awe-inspiring landscapes, flora, culture and heritage that the region has to offer.

The app is a comprehensive guide on what to do and what to see in Connemara. It contains eye-catching slideshows, a range of articles from local historians and authors, as well as suggestions on events, up-to-date entertainment listings, drives and day tours, bars and restaurants, shops, places to stay, as well as maps and other practical information.

This is a wonderful resource for visitors, guests and friends, whether they are here already, or planning a visit.

Why the iPad?

We chose the iPad platform simply because we wanted to showcase the stunning Connemara landscapes and seascapes. The iPad, with its 10” screen, was a perfect device to do this on (works perfectly on the iPad mini too). Also, as a lot of the content was taken from our printed guide What’s On Connemara (which is A4 in size), the screen size of the iPad was naturally our first choice, offering much more freedom in terms of design and layout space. This was obvious for displaying photography but also, long articles.

We wanted to make visitors aware of the region’s natural beauty and hopefully, give them a taste of what it might be like to visit Connemara before they even leave home. Of course we do not discount the much wider audiences of the iPhone and Android platforms, which is why we are developing for both of those right now, but we just wanted to start with something that excited us, and developing for the iPad felt like the right place to begin.

Taking advantage of the iPad screen size, the app therefore features longer articles on Connemara’s rich heritage and history – there is a section of the app where visitors can learn about brave aviators, pioneering inventors and interesting local curiosities. There’s also an interactive slideshow dedicated to Connemara’s wildflowers.

The events section is driven by a new website we designed,, which provides users of the app with up-to-date event listings for the Connemara region year-round.

The app is compatible with the iPad1, 2, the New iPad and the iPad mini – download it here.